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Apollo gymnastic-chalk is made from magnesium carbonate formula, a white solid which occurs in nature as a mineral. It can be used for many purposes such as gymnastics or weight lifting. 

Athletes know how important it is to have fresh, dry hands when performing and working out. This is especially true for gymnasts, weight lifters, pitchers, field athletes, even rock climbers. That is why they rely on Gym Chalk to help keep their hands perspiration free. 

Power lifters and athletes in weight training use Gym Chalk because it dries their palms and ensures a reliable, strong grip. This action prevents dangerous slipping of equipment from their hands. Power lifters use Gym Chalk to get maximum grip when competing against other lifters. 


* Both Home and Commercial Usage 
* Dimension: 7 x 7 x 4 inches
* Package: Each package contains 8 Convenience wrapped blocks of 2 oz chalk
* Weight: 1 LB
* Warranty: 120 days Limited Warranty


Ask a Question
  • Can you eat this?

    It is not recommended to eat this or any other kind of chalk.  While it can be done, and chalk is generally non-toxic, there could be impurities within the chalk that can cause health issues.  Further, chalk itself contains chemicals that can cause digestive issues when eaten.

    If you are asking because of the possible presence of children, our advice is to keep it out of their reach.  If you are asking for yourself, our advice is not to eat this chalk.

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