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Frequency Fitness RX125 Indoor Cycle

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Frequency Fitness Spin Bike RX125 V2 

You had a long day and it seems like so much effort to leave the house again to go to spin class.  Why not enjoy all the benefits of spin class in your home?

A customizable workout for every level of ability

From beginner to advanced, the Frequency Fitness Spin Bike RX125 has you covered.  The magnetic resistance system has 16 levels of adjustment available to customize your workout using a newly designed knob.  If something goes wrong, the same knob also includes an emergency stop to keep you safe.  Need better positioning?  The Frequency Fitness Spin Bike RX125 has a high performance slide system on the seat and handlebar to allow for adjustments in height and distance positioning.

Easy setup and maintenance

Tired of exercise equipment that requires an engineering degree just to assemble and maintain it?  The Frequency Fitness Spin Bike RX125 features easy assembly and has low maintenance requirements.  Is your floor not even?  Your preferred location for the the RX125 dips where one of the foot tubes is supposed to go?  Not a problem!  The RX125 includes floor levelers to allow easy adjustment of the foot pads under the tubes to remedy any uneven floors.  

Built to last

Let's face it, spin bikes will take a lot of abuse over their lifetime.  The RX125 features a durable grooved V-Belt direct drive and sealed bearing system to keep things running smoothly.  The square steel construction of the handle bar set, stem and seat post set ensure that you aren't wobbling around while spinning.  The oversized forged crank and fixed wheel drive systems ensure that you get maximum benefits from your workout.


Console included

SPD pedals – optional



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  • What is the adjustable height range for this bike?

    The Frequency Fitness RX125 Indoor Cycle is 49" tall at the handlebars.  This is the tallest part of the bike.  The seat itself can be adjusted from the lowest height of 31" up to a maximum of 40".

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