Powerline Ab-Crunch Bench with plate resistance (PAB21X)

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PowerLine Ab Bench

Perform sit-ups and crunches easily, effectively, and safely with full range abdominal resistance. Achieve a 6-pack and toned, tight obliques in less than half the time of other systems Curved back is specially designed to place you in an automatic pre-stretch position. Full-range motion adjusts from 30 degrees back of center to 30 degrees forward of center for the ultimate in comfort and efficiency. Back pad is infinitely adjustable for a customized workout that is appropriate and safe, no matter your size. Perform tricep extensions with ease in addition to abdominal workouts. For smooth operation and freedom of movement, the ball bearing pulley is both extra-wide and sealed. Lightweight and easily moved.

Key Features:

  • Features full range abdominal resistance.
  • Full range motion starts at 30 degrees back of center to 30 degrees forward of center for a full range of exercise motion.
  • Curved back pad puts you in a pre-stretch position that allows more intense abdominal contraction.
  • You will get twice the results in half the time with a lot less work.
  • Extra-wide, sealed ball bearing pulley allows complete freedom of movement for oblique workouts as well.
  • Infinitely adjustable back pad ensures quick and easy adjustment for all size users.
  • Excellent for tricep extensions too.


Ask a Question
  • Can you change the weight on the machine?

    Yes, the weight on the Powerline Ab-Crunch Bench with plate resistance can be changed.

    To do so, you would detach the weight holder from clip that connects it to the cable.  You would place the post of the holder through the weight that you want to use and then re-attach the weight holder to the clip on the cable.

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