Weight Plates

Weight Lifting Plates for Home & Gym

A core component of any free weight gym setup is weight plates.  Sunburst Fitness Supply offers a wide selection of weight plates for sale that are suitable for home and commercial use.  Our weight plates come from quality manufacturers like Apollo Athletics, Body-Solid, Intek Strength, IronBull Fitness and TAG Fitness.  We sell all weight plates by the pair or in a variety of plate set sizes.

Weight lifting plate cost and quality are influenced by a number of factors.  The first of these is the construction of the weight plate.  As it is strong, low cost and can quickly be molded, cast iron is used for cheaper weight plates.  Some more expensive plates use steel-composite construction.  This materiel holds up better to drops and resists cracking or breaking better.

The type of weight plate protection has a large influence over the cost.  Cast iron plates with simple gray paint or black finishes are the most affordable.  They do not provide much protection.  This can lead to rust forming quicker as paint chips or cracks, exposing the iron to the elements.

Rubber-coated plates provide excellent plate protection and much better impact resistance.  There is often a rubber smell associated with them.  This is more of an issue when cheaper rubber is used and not so much if it is virgin rubber.  The barbell plates that have the most protection are coated with urethane.  Urethane is the industry's most durable, longest lasting Olympic plate coating and offers little to no odor.

The manufacturing precision of the plates is another big factor in the overall price.  Weight lifting plates all have a weight deviation.  The cheaper the weight plate is, the higher the deviation.  This deviation determines how close the actual weight is to the stated weight on the plate.  Higher quality, higher precision plates add steps during manufacturing to enhance quality as well as lower the weight deviation.

We have a selection of cast iron, rubber-coated and urethane covered weight plates to suit different applications and budgets.  They are ideal for home gyms, high schools, colleges, personal training studios, hotels and professional fitness centers.

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