Dumbbells for Home and Commercial Use

Home and Commercial Dumbbells are the ultimate staple for strength training exercises.  The excel at traditional and functional exercise versatility with a price that is often more affordable than strength machines.  Dumbbells have been and will remain one of the most widely used fitness products of choice.
Dumbbells allow you to work nearly every muscle group in small user spaces.  This lets you get a full-body workout with any of our lines of home and commercial dumbbell sets.  Add on an adjustable bench and your options for exercises expand drastically.

Sunburst Fitness Supply sells cast iron, rubber-coated, urethane-coated and adjustable dumbbells that suit any environment.  Our dumbbell selection is ideal for home gyms, school weight rooms, and commercial gym applications.  In addition to dumbbell pairs, we have a large selection of dumbbell sets for sale.

We work with some of the top manufacturers to obtain quality commercial and home dumbbells to sell online.  Some of these manufacturers include Body-Solid, TAG Fitness, Intek Strength, Apollo Athletics and IronBull Fitness.  

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