Win Fitness Equipment!

At Sunburst Fitness Supply, we realize that outfitting your home gym can be a large expense.  In order to make equipment more accessible, we have decided to start offering some popular products at a reduced cost through raffles.  These raffles do not guarantee you will be able to purchase the item.  You will have to win it first.  However, if you are our lucky winner in a raffle, you can save big!  In most cases, a single raffle entry will be as low as 3% of the cost of the item!  

To make it even better, this is not a raffle where you have unknown odds of winning.  Each raffle will be exactly 100 tickets.  If it takes too long to get to 100 we may, at our discretion, reduce the entries to 50.  That means that each ticket you buy gives you a 1 in 100 chance to win.  There is no limit on how many you can purchase so you can increase those odds by buying more tickets.

We will post all current raffles with links on this page along with details.  This will be updated as these change.

Current Raffles

 Product Retail Price Raffle Ticket Cost
MX Select 55 Adjustable Dumbbells w/Stand $889.00 $20.00

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