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Do you want to unlock the warrior within?  The Gada (heavy mace) style of training was originally developed by the Persian warrior elite.  Mace training was directly applicable to true combat as well as wrestling and other strength driven functions.

Sunburst Fitness Supply is happy to introduce the mace bell, the perfect way to help unlock your inner warrior.  The mace bell is a safer, more versatile alternative to traditional sledge hammers.  The rounded and evenly weighted head of the macebell helps you perform every movement effectively.  This design helps to keep you safe and less likely to experience a dangerous rebound or twist in the handle from impact at an odd angle.

The Apollo Athletics mace bells are virtually indestructible.  Their durable construction means you won't have to worry about broken handles from repetitive strikes against heavy-duty tractor tires.

The training you can perform with mace bells extends well beyond improved tire workouts.  The longer length and evenly weighted head design makes them well suited to rotational movement training.  Your workouts using a fixed-weight mace bell will involve much more concentrated handling of leverage and centrifugal force trajectories.


While you may not be rushing off to battle, the mace bell will help you to effectively train your entire body while mimicking real work movements. With the mace bell you can perform paddle swings gravediggers, tire slams, jousts, kayaks, paddle boarding overhead presses, pendulum swings, overhead squats, barbarian squats, 360 wings, ballistic hand to hand transfers, and many more functional training exercises.  Just like those ancient Persian warriors, the macebell can help you simulate combat movements, wrestling movements and grappling movements to develop speed, rotational power, muscular endurance, grip strength, increased lung capacity, dexterity and control. 

The mace bell will help you apply force by both using momentum and fighting against it at the same time.  This is an effect of the uneven weight distribution and lack of counterbalance when twisting, pushing and pulling against gravity.  

Like any other movements performed with an exercise tool, it can be dangerous to use a mace bell for those who have back or shoulder problems or a weak core.  It can also be dangerous to perform these exercising without proper education and progression.  However, when done properly, mace bell exercises are very beneficial to your health.  They offer improved mobility, range of motion, agility, cardio vascular endurance, mental toughness and increased strength.  They unlock the warrior within you.


  • Commercial heavy-duty quality for use in all types of facilities
  • All steel construction
  • Evenly weighted and completely spherical head (no flat top)
  • Extended handles for greater leverage than traditional sledge hammers
  • Knurled Safety Grip extends 9.75" from base of handle and then again 9.75" from middle of handle towards head, ensuring solid grip even with sweaty hands
  • Weight increment stamped on the base of the handle for easy identification
  • Black gloss finish
* Both Home and Commercial Usage
* Properties:
ItemID Weight Overall Length Head Diameter Handle Length Handle Diameter
M-BELL-10 10 LB 40.3" 3.5" 37" 1.63"
M-BELL-15 15 LB 41.2" 4.3" 37" 1.63"
M-BELL-20 20 LB 41.75" 4.7" 37" 1.63"
M-BELL-25 25 LB 42" 5.1" 37" 1.63"
M-BELL-30 30 LB 42.25" 5.4" 37" 1.63"
M-BELL-35 35 LB 42.5" 6" 37" 1.63"
M-BELL-40 40 LB 43" 6.3" 37" 1.63"

* Warranty: 120 days Limited Warranty 

Delivery Info:

  • Ships: UPS or FedEx Ground
  • Leaves Warehouse: 1-3 Business Days
  • Average Delivery from Order Date: 4-8 Business Days
  • Shipping Cost to Lower 48 United States: FREE


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