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Body Champ 4-Station VKR1010 Power Tower

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The 4-Station VKR Power Tower takes exercise back to the basics allowing you to perform tried-and-true exercises that really get results. These exercises allow you to tone and develop your core muscles, arms, chest and back by lifting your own body weight. So whether you are a beginner or advanced body builder, the 4-Station VKR Power Tower can help you realize your fitness goals.

You get 4 workout stations on this Power Tower–pull-ups, vertical knee raise, dip station, and lower pushup bars. Develop your muscles without the use of weights–the Power Tower allows you to use your body weight as the resistance. Features an advanced design that includes two arched stability bars to make the sturdy steel frame safe and sturdy. It’s suitable for your light commercial or home fitness setting with a durable D-frame and seam-stitched cushions.

• Vertical knee raise station for leg and knee raises
• Lat/pull-up bar builds powerful shoulders, arms, and back
• Push-up bars to help you build strong chest muscles and tone your arms
• Dip station develops your triceps as you increase upper body strength
• D-Frame base for enhanced stability


Ask a Question
  • Is it weatherproof?

    While the material on the back and arm cushions of the VKR1010 is sweat-resistant, the main frame and parts are made of steel (metal).

    If the machine is exposed to the elements, then rusting and other issues may compromise its integrity.

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