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TAG Colored Hex Dumbbell (Pair)

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  • One-piece solid cast design encased in odorless, commercial-grade virgin rubber.
  • Prevents damage to floors and equipment
  • Accurate weight and precision balance
  • Commercial grade chrome round handles prevent flaking and provide comfort in use
  • Two years breakage. Returned for inspection upon request.
  • Dumbbell is one solid unit – no Allen Bolts that can loosen
  • Raised Permanent Lettering & Numbers are apart of mold
  • Available in:
    3 lb – GREEN
    5 lb – BLUE
    10 lb – ORANGE
    12 lb – PURPLE


** This product has been discontinued 


Ask a Question
  • I currently have rubber hex dumbbells, and the smell of the rubber really bothers me. I'm looking to replace them with non-smelling/non toxic dumbbells. I do not want to be inhaling anything toxic at all. Does the virgin rubber on these have a faint rubber smell, or no smell at all? Also, why don't you sell the 8 lb. and 15 lb.dumbbells. This set seems incomplete to me.

    That rubber (old tire) smell you are referring to is often a sign of lower quality rubber being used.  The TAG Colored Hex Dumbbells are coated with virgin rubber which is higher quality and should not have that odor.

    The sizes listed are the only ones TAG produces.  Our view is that these particular dumbbells are meant more for aerobic type exercise which would rely more on lower weights to provide a little bit of resistance to those movements and building endurance.  As such, you are not increasing weight at regular intervals like you would with dumbbells intended for strength training.

  • What is the "solid cast design" made out of?

    The heads of the TAG Colored Hex Dumbbells are composed of steel.

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