Sunburst Fitness Supply now sells Power Plate!

We are pleased to announce that Sunburst Fitness Supply is now an authorized dealer for Power Plate products.  Power Plate is a premier manufacturer of vibration trainer machines.

Vibration trainer machines provide enhanced benefits to your existing workouts.  They work by vibrating at a high speed which causes your muscles to contract rapidly by causing a stress reflex.  This makes your muscles work harder while using a vibration trainer as your body tries to maintain balance while you are performing your regular exercises.  With a Power Plate vibration trainer, you can even get a workout simply by standing on the machine with your knees bent at a slight 30-degree angle!

Workouts on a vibration trainer are also low impact so they are easy on joints.  This enables people who are not able to do traditional exercises to still stay healthy and fit.  Also, vibration trainers have been known to help improve circulation, boost metabolism, increase fat loss, speed up injury recovery and many other beneficial effects.

We offer both commercial and residential Power Plate vibration trainers.  Why not take a look at the new Power Plate vibration training machines to see if one is right for you?

Power Plate at Sunburst Fitness Supply

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